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Igloolik Outfitters

Inns North

The Igloolik Inn
Kimik Inns North Hotel
in Igloolik, Nunavut

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Inns North hotels are located in:

Igloolik Outfitters

The outfitters in Igloolik can arrange many sea and land adventures including:

  • polar bear watching
  • ice flow tours
  • walrus sightings
  • visting movie shoot areas
  • dog team rides

Dog-Sled Team

Igloolik Child with supper 



Igloolik Outfitters

*Igloolik Hunters and Trappers 
Contact: Rebecca Mikki 
P.O. Box 89 
PH: 867­934­8807 

FX: 867­934­8067 

Local information about the land, 
country foods, outfitting services 
through Canada Northern Outfitting 
(613) 256­4057 




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